BELGRADE – There are currently 2,500 to 3,000 migrants in Serbia, Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin said Thursday, adding that the figures were no reason for concern.

“We are keeping the situation under control, and no one – migrants or citizens – is under threat and we will not allow something unforeseen to happen tomorrow, with tens of thousands of people appearing at our borders without knowing where to go or being wanted by anyone,” Vulin told Pink TV.

The EU is not taking in Afghan or Pakistani citizens and Serbia cannot act differently, Vulin said.

Serbia is treating those people in a humane manner, but it cannot become a parking lot, he said.

“We are acting in a very European way – if Europe has said it would not take in Pakistanis and Afghans, Serbia must act in the same way,” said Vulin, adding that Serbia would not allow people smuggling in its territory.

When asked about the joint military-police teams to be established to protect the state borders, Vulin said that Serbia would not close its borders and that it was fighting illegal migration.

“That is an important difference. We have not closed our borders – you can come here and request asylum, but you cannot come illegally, outside border crossings,” Vulin noted.