BELGRADE – A M.Sc. of sculpting in BiH, Daniel Premec, presented last night during the Festival of the street art in Sarajevo a conceptual design of a monument dedicated to passenger car Volkswagen Golf.

Premec revealed that the idea was born 10 years ago, but that now he decided to actually make it happen.

“There is a special emotional connection with ‘Golf 2’ of all citizens and generations in BiH. It has the special value of pre-war prosperity and wealth, because not everyone could have had it and also expressed need and heroism in the war, because actually many people own their lives to this vehicle,” said Premec.

He noted that he realized that the period from 1992 to 1995, which is very important for BiH, is not marked with sculpture, and “Golf 2” helped the citizens as it was used for transport of a variety of things, people and wounded… and it endured.

“This is a conventional sculpture that marked the period. ‘Golf 2’ has universal value and is important to all of us in a special way. It lives through the narratives of people from this area, because whenever someone mentions this car someone will always tell an anecdote from the 1992-1995 period,” said the artist.