Arandjelovac: Lightning hits a tree revealing a pot with gold coins


BELGRADE – During the storm that has hit Arandjelovac two days ago, a lightning struck an old oak in the yard of the family Mitrovic, writes portal

“There was a terrible blow of thunder, and then a strong explosion in our backyard. The lightning hit an oak, more than one hundred years old. We saw it was destroyed by the lightning, but until this morning I did not move it. I went outside with the chainsaw and began cutting it when I saw something strange in the root of the tree,” said Marko Mitrovic for the portal.

“I dug up the dirt and I saw a jar filled with gold coins. When we counted it had exactly 2,000 pieces, and the value is estimated to about 300,000 euros, maybe even more. We are yet to see after the assessment,” said Marko for the portal.


  1. “We are yet to see after the assessment”

    Do you think they are not going to get it back? What are the laws on a find like this? Does the family get to keep it since it was found on their property, are they taxed, or what?
    If they don’t get to keep most all of it, it would have been better to have kept it and traded/pawned the coins with local traders/shops.