BELGRADE – A resident of the Chinese province of Hunan has recently established a world record for the gestational age, of her child at 17 months, reported People’s Daily.

In January 2015, Van Shi became pregnant. Doctors predicted that the Chinese woman would give birth on November 15, but something went amiss.

After the date came and passed, the worried woman visited the hospital where doctors ruled out the possibility of a caesarean section at her 14th month of pregnancy, saying that the child was not sufficiently developed.

According to the woman’s doctor, the pregnancy was abnormal and impossible.

“I know that she was pregnant. However, I do not know whether she bears the same child with which she was pregnant at the time,” continued the doctor.

“We wanted her to do a 2D ultrasound in B-mode, but she refused,” said the doctor.

Dr. Elena Silanteva maintained that perhaps, the normally a patient’s pregnancy like this would be stopped in its development and the woman would bear a dead fetus.
Obstetrician-gynecologist at the Scientific Advisory Centre of Epidemiology Research Institute, Arkady Kotlyar, also said that such a pregnancy is physiologically impossible.

“The process can be either current or consummated. It cannot exist in the intermediate state. If the pregnancy is not growing, it means that the fetus has died,” added Kotlyar.

Nevertheless, Van Shi’s analyses results showed that the fetus is in its 38th week (9 months) of pregnancy.

“The patient’s analyses are absolutely fine. There is no indication or evidence that the fetus is in the 17th month of development,” said the woman’s doctor.

According to Van Shi, she will have an operation in the 18th month of pregnancy.