BELGRADE – Recent events in Croatia indicate that a complete rehabilitation of the Ustasha movement, perverse values and support for – and glorification of – criminals are at work in the country, says Meho Omerovic, chairman of the Serbian parliamentary committee on human and minority rights and gender equality.

“Erecting a monument in a EU member state to a terrorist and a murderer (Miro Baresic) convicted in a EU country is not only scandalous but very worrying,” Omerovic noted in a press release.

It is inappropriate and disgraceful in post-WWII Europe, he said.

“The attendance of two Croatian government ministers adds particular weight to the event. The EU, which is based on anti-fascism, must react, otherwise this will be a signal to all member states that erecting monuments to those glorifying fascism or Nazism, or those who, like the Ustashas, served them, is permitted,” Omerovic said.

“Is the EU’s silence also a signal to all other fascist collaborators across Europe – from Norway, the Baltic states, Hungary, Italy, Spain to, ultimately, Germany – that glorifying the greatest evil of the 20th century and the biggest criminals and murderers is permitted?” Omerovic asked.