BELGRADE – According to “Vesti-online” portal, unnamed sources warn that the reason for provocations from Croatia are not only part of the local election campaign, but behind the whole story is Croat’s wish to provoke a new war they would use to enter the western part of the Republika Srpska and perform new ethnic cleansing.

According to the latest intelligence, Croats with almost daily and obviously coordinated attacks on Serbs, want to provoke Belgrade’s rushed reaction and thus provoke new bloody conflict, writes “Vesti-online”.

Because of the secret plan, writes the portal, Belgrade is seriously considering to completely change its politics towards Zagreb, but also to the European Union, which has for months turned a blind eye to Ustasha rampages, portal writes.

Portal further claims that intelligence sources warn that the daily attacks by Croats do not hide only pathological hatred.

“Zagreb’s basic idea is to, with constant critics, insults, blockade in Brussels, cause a stronger reaction of politicians in Belgrade, which they would then use for conflicts. They seriously elaborate plans for operations in the western part of the Republika Srpska. This is something we should not play with anymore. These threats must be seriously taken,” warns one of the sources, unnamed high-ranking intelligence officer.