Dacic: Certain countries and Kosovo breach UN Resolution 1244

NEW YORK – Thursday’s UN SC meeting on Kosovo demonstrated that “major differences” remain between the positions of the Belgrade and Pristina delegations, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said after the meeting.

The Serbian delegation insisted on a consistent interpretation of UN SC Resolution 1244 – under which the meetings on Kosovo are also held every three months – and on status neutrality of the Brussels dialogue, Dacic said.

On the other hand, “Pristina is constantly approaching these meetings as an opportunity to present various untruths and positions suggesting that Kosovo is an integral, sovereign state,” Dacic said.

“That alone is a breach of Resolution 1244, which is also evident from the requests by certain countries that call on other countries to join them in the recognition of Kosovo’s unilaterally declared independence”, Dacic said.

Serbia is committed to the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and it insists on the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities, which has not been given adequate significance in the latest report by the UN secretary-general, Serbian FM Ivica Dacic told a UN SC meeting on Kosovo Thursday.

Serbia will not recognise Kosovo’s unilaterally declared independence, Dacic reiterated, urging countries that have not done so to stand by their positions.

Under UN SC Resolution 1244, Kosovo-Metohija is an integral part of Serbia, he noted.

Bear in mind that support by the international community is crucial for success in the dialogue – any change in the positions of the countries that have not recognised Kosovo’s independence would have a negative impact on further constructive approach of the sides in the dialogue and implementation of agreements, Dacic said.


  1. It was interesting watching Dacic at the UN and talking about where he was born in Kosovo/a. He talked about how there is a reduction in the number of serbs in Kosovo/a.
    Dacic should volunteer and go back to his place of birth to live as a permanent resident instead of Belgrade. Now the question that should be asked is why did Dacic leave Kosovo/a?
    Was it because of Economic reasons (as there are no jobs in Kosovo/a)?
    And why did so many other serbs leave since 1981? (Economic reasons is usually the number one reason)
    And the reason for the dwindling numbers is the fact that Albanians multiply like roaches while a serb woman might have 1 or 2 children at most (the ones in Kosovo/a are baby machines and get rewards for producing children by the PM).
    One person pointed out that serbs left right after the war. And this is factually true as there is plenty of video footage showing all the serbs, roma, and albanians behind the army convoys heading back to serbia proper. That my friends is an EXODUS and not ethnic cleansing!

    The ones that stayed have no issues and do well and they never took part in Milo’s regime tactics. Good and honorable people have nothing to fear.

    • “Good and honorable people have nothing to fear”? Naivety folded within chutzpah surrounded by overarching propaganda! Nothing happened to good and honorable people on St. Patrick’s Day, 2004, aided and abetted by NATO, either!

  2. Let me assume, the former commentator is right.
    But why does Kosovo Albanians want to live with the Serbs in the north, if they hate them so much?
    Resolution 1244 certainly is still valid, which mens that as long as there is no reconciliation between the Kosovars and the former “colonialists”, it is necessary to conclude an agreement between the countries, in which Kosovo gets rid of the serbian dominated region North of Mitrovica. If this is not agreed upon, the international community will never completely recognize Kosovo.

  3. Only resolution is Serbian unification. Serbia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should be respected. Thats the only way to long lasting peace and stability.

  4. @ kiko It was very interesting reading your comment on your interpretation on what you sketch as Serbia proper. I like your Imagination …
    You seem to be quite the expert on defining the difference between Exodus and Ethnic Cleansing ?
    I am glad that you are well informed and getting your daily feed of CNN most trusted News in propaganda .
    But like in ever lie there is some Truth that slips by, just like you say …Albanians multiply like Roaches,
    Kosovar Baby machines is good Business in the next GMO production, in the up and coming breed of the Albanian Mafia.
    This is exactly what the Kosher Doctor ordered for his next Laboratory experiment in the Balkans and beyond.
    You see Kiko “one mans lose is another mans gain”
    and it definitely isn’t the Kosovars !!

    From Serbia with Love …

    • Under the SFRY, serbia proper was serbia’s current borders not including vojvodina and kosovo/a as you clearly know as per the 1974 constitution. Now if you want to expand your imagination to times of antiquity and here say you are more than free to do so Peacefulwarrior.

      The convoys were reported by UNMIK personnel and you should look up their reports as Serbia refers to 1244 often. And they have video footage just as CNN and many other news agencies. And if it is coming from the UN then its not false right? The same was reported when the refugees from Croatia were being sent to Kosovo/a for resettlement/relocation (92).

      Everyone in Yugoslavia considered Kosovo/a and Macedonia as the money pit of the country and that is where many of the feuds started as Slovenia and Croatia questioned the money being spent in the province and republic with nothing to show in return. And there were no jobs in Kosovo/a back then now are there now, exception being the mines.

      Serbia has a larger Mafia network then the Albanians do and they seem to work with each other superbly well as its beneficial to both.

      As far as losses, no one has lost more so than the common individual that lives in Kosovo/a! And the mafia that you spoke of which includes politicians from both sides are gaining at the expense of the common individual. Sad but its reality.

      So the reductions that Dacic talked about were from a number of factors that dealt with socio-economic factors and not because of genocide by albanians since 1981. The future in Kosovo/a is bleak for any individual living there. If he were a patriot he’d move back along with the rest of the serbs that left Kosovo/a. I doubt he’d ever move back even if it were unequivocally safe to live there. A reporter should ask him why he hasn’t moved back? It is his place of birth.