BELGRADE – If being like Croatia – and becoming a revisionist country rehabilitating Nazism, fascism and Ustashism – is a condition for joining the EU, we do not want to join such an EU, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference, Dacic said Croatia had not responded to a single query from Serbia about the latest incidents such as the annulment of the conviction of Roman Catholic Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac – who was loyal to the WWII-era pro-fascist Ustasha regime of the Independent State of Croatia – the overturning of the conviction of Branimir Glavas – sentenced for war crimes against Serb civilians in 1991 – the events in Srb – where a 75th anniversary commemoration of an anti-fascist uprising was disrupted by Croatian far-right extremists – and the unveiling of a monument to Miro Baresic, who assassinated Vladimir Rolovic, then Yugoslav ambassador to Sweden, in 1971.

“The Croats can be fascists, Ustashas, Nazis or whatever they want, but Serbia will not allow a denial and justification of the crimes against Serbs and we will not allow humiliations,” Dacic said.

Germany refers to Hitler as the greatest evil, while Croatia is proud of the Independent State of Croatia, Dacic said, adding that he believed the EU would not forever be “deaf and dumb” to the current situation in Croatia.

Serbia wants the EU to condemn such actions, he stressed.