EU values: “For Home Ready” and hitting women with fists

BELGRADE – Members of the Ninth Battalion march down the streets of Knin, loudly sing Ustasha songs and shout Ustasha cry “For Home Ready”. Nobody reacted to the shameful incident on the day Croatia celebrates ethnic cleansing of Serbs as a national holiday, writes

“The police do not react but lets them through, and Croatian soldiers in ceremonial uniforms wave to them and put thumbs up as a sign of support. The police on motorcycles has not even flinched while passing by the parade, and the others moved their barricades so they are able to pass peacefully,” reported’s journalist who was at the scene.

In the footage the portal published a mass can be heard clearly shouting “God and Croats!” and “For Home Ready!” along with Ustasha songs.

During the celebration the “Storm” another incident occurred – a group of young man and women, with the rhythm of Tompson’s songs, to the delight of those present, lit a Serbian flag, reported Croatian portal

While Serbia mourns and marks the Day of Remembrance of victims and Serbs displaced during the Croatian military-police operation “Storm”, the Victory Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders is being celebrated.

“Patriots” hit women with fists

Thousands of people gathered yesterday in Zagreb to peacefully express disapproval of the revamped Ustasha movement in Croatia and celebration of military action “Storm” in which more than 280,000 Serbs were expelled, killed or are missing.

Soon came the response in the form of counter gathering, and hastily “Defenders”, “Patriots”, or whatever the guardians of the Ustasha legacy and extreme nationalism call themselves, gathered.

Defenders attacked the participants of the protest who had previously been banned to gather on the central square in Zagreb by the police, and young men who were not even born at the time of the “Storm” attacked people who calmly walked trying, with their silence, to express absurdity of celebrating war actions in which innocent civilians paid with head or home.

Thus, one video shows a girl who was at the protest gets hit in the head by the “Patriot”. The young men who attacked the girl was in the group of younger men who insulted, cursed and threatened the protesters.

To make matters worse, the police, which is supposed to prevent these and similar incidents, did not react to hits, nor detained the young man who hit the girl in the head.

All this happened in the youngest member of the European Union which also reacts badly to the rise of ultra-nationalism in Croatia.


  1. This article is a load of crap. The war was not at all about “ethnic cleansing”. The Serbs attacked, the Cros defended their home, and now you say it was ethnic cleansing. Have you forgotten what the Serbs did to innocent women and children? Nobody is entirely innocent here, that’s why it’s called a war, but what the Serbs did was an absolute atrocity and to make this about something else is ridiculous!

    • I have a high level of suspicion that you have some personal agenda here. But anyways, the areas inhabited by Serbs (lucky ones, who managed to escape the Croatian genocide of 1941-1945) for at least the past couple of centuries, did not want to be a part of the country that resurrected Nazi symbols and rhetoric. Those areas were only an administrative part of Croatia, within the borders that Nazis and, after them, the Yugoslav communists (led by a Croat Tito) created. They were never a part of a modern/sovereign Croatian state (which BTW did not exist), they were part of Austria-Hungary. So, it’s early 1990’s, and here comes the “father of the nation” Tudjman, denying the WWII genocide, calling Serbian citizens “cancer of the society”, sending punishment expeditions comprised of the direct descendants of the WWII Nazi butchers! I’m sure if you were born a Serb and lived there at that time, you’d be greeting Croatian “liberators” with a big hug, right? Especially if some of your grandparents was murdered by a “serb-cutter” knife… Just like I’m sue the Jewish people would be thrilled to live under the swastika flag, paying in reichsmark and walking on (newly renamed) Heinrich Himmler street.

  2. Serbs attacked Croatians on Croatian soil. Croatians took no chances as war is a serious yet ugly game. Croatian’s expelled all Serbs out of Croatia to minimise any risk, not ethnically cleansed. There is absolutely no factual evidence that Serbs were ethnically cleansed. There were Serbs fighting for Croatian’s as these good Serbs saw the wrongdoing of their power hungry Government. In the end, Croatia won, with the help of God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

    • And by which law was that “Croatian soil”? Was there any other sovereign Croatian state last 5 centuries, except for the Nazi “NDH” (even that one sovereign only formally) that I don’t know about? Krajina was never “Croatian soil”, neither ethnically nor legally. You Croats were the subjects of Austria-Hungary, just like the people of Serbian ethnicity who lived in that part of the Austria-Hungary. Who knows, perhaps if the Austrians could have relied on you for stopping the Ottoman invasion, Serbs wouldn’t be there, but that is now irrelevant. Even during the dictatorship of your communist compatriot Tito, the borders of current-day Croatia were never meant to be national, only administrative. One cannot attack his own home, you know. Serbs didn’t try to conquer Zagreb or Varazdin now, did they? They just defended their homes and livelihoods, taught by the very recent history.

    • Oh, and please, don’t pretend to be a great Christian with the cheesy (and incorrect) references to the Holy Trinity. You know, it says somewhere that you should not mention the God’s name in vain.

    • That is not a Croatian soil. That is Serbian territory, inhabited by Serbs, who had legitimate right to choose whom they want to live with. They’ve chosen to depart you nazi politics and to stay within Yugoslavia, but your nazi masterminds and wardogs – Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Jamie Shea, Javier Solana, Rupert Smith, Tony Blair, Warren Zimmerman, William Walker, etc – didn’t let them go free.

  3. Serbs make mistakes but history has proved the Croatians are a society steeped in bigotry and hatred that made the nazi’s themselves gasp with horror.