GUCA – Serbia’s Guca trumpet festival – officially known as the Dragacevo Assembly of Trumpet Players – was ceremonially opened on Thursday by Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik.

“The Assembly is known not only in this area but in the entire region – and worldwide, I would say. It has become a household name to Serbs everywhere. Today, from the 56th Assembly of Trumpet players, we send the best messages and the wish that everyone accept the positive energy that has been sent from here for decades in a bid to best present something that is valuable and a unique heritage of the Serbian nation as a whole,” Dodik said.

Assembly Committee President Slobodan Jolovic said Guca had “welcomed 20 million domestic and foreign visitors from 80 countries on all five continents.”

“To date, the trumpet festival has featured 10,000 trumpet players and 1,000 bands,” he said.

Guca, a small town in western Serbia, has been hosting the festival since 1961.