BELGRADE – ISIS (Daesh / ISIL / IS) terrorists fled a northern Syrian stronghold using a civilian convoy as human shields in an effort to prevent coalition airstrikes from destroying their forces.

The terrorists were filmed running away from Manbij by a drone launched by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

PHOTOS: Coward ISIS Militants Flee Syria Stronghold Using Civilians as HUMAN SHIELDS

The Kurdish-led group recaptured the strategically important town less than 20 miles from the Turkish border and close to an important bridge across the River Euphrates.


According to images posted by the SDF, black-clad ISIS fighters can be seen surrounding the civilian convoy as it makes its way out of the besieged city.

The ISIS terrorists are believed to be travelling on motorbikes and in cars along with the civilians.


The nature of the column prevented US aircraft – who could have wiped out the retreating terrorists in minutes – from attacking because of the risk faced by civilians.

The SDF, backed by US airstrikes, waged a two-month long campaign against ISIS in Manbij, forcing the terror group to flee.