Kosovo War Crimes Court Convicts Former KLA Fighter


BELGRADE – Kosovo’s special war crimes court has convicted a former KLA (UCK/Kosovo Liberation Army) fighter of war crimes against civilians after the country’s war ended.

A statement released on August 8 by the court’s international judges sentenced Xhemshit Krasniqi to eight years in prison for crimes committed in 1999 in Albania and Kosovo.

A Council of Europe report in 2010 claimed that leaders of the now disbanded KLA were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Serbs, Roma, and ethnic Albanians suspected of collaborating with the Serbs.

The report said this happened during the summer of 1999, after NATO’s 78-day bombing forced Serbian forces to withdraw from Kosovo.


  1. Eight years isn’t very many, and they do not specify his crimes – was it just kidnapping and abuse/torture, or was murder and rape involved. They also don’t say if his victims were Serb, Albanian, Roma or all three. Many KLA are convicted for crimes against other Albanians. KLA were the largest cause of deaths of Albanians before the NATO bombing. They were assassinating Albanians who didn’t support them, who had state (Serbian) jobs, rivals, etc.