Krichbaum: Bring perpetrators of arson attack to justice


BRUSSELS – Serbia will not be able to close the negotiation chapters in its EU accession talks without bringing to justice the perpetrators of a February 2008 arson attack on the German embassy in Belgrade, says Gunther Krichbaum, chairman of the Bundestag’s Committee on the Affairs of the European Union.

“We will not tolerate any false compromises. This is a matter of rule of law,” Krichbaum told the European Western Balkans portal in an interview.

“As required by my parliamentary faction, the demanded seven points have largely been met (by Serbia), which is why last year the German Bundestag could give the green light for opening the first negotiating chapters.

However, in a resolution on 27 June 2013, the Bundestag made it clear that the accession negotiations can only be concluded once the arson attack on the German Embassy in February 2008 is fully investigated and the perpetrators are brought to justice,” Krichbaum said.

When asked about “the impression that Germany does not acknowledge the importance of issues such as the decreasing of the rule of law and the reduction of media and political freedoms,” Krichbaum responded that “obviously there is a misunderstanding here.”

“It is quite clear that Serbia still needs to implement many reforms in politics, administration, the judiciary and the economy before the country can join the EU. Nevertheless, the efforts and the progress made, largely achieved by Prime Minister (Aleksandar) Vucic, must be acknowledged,” he said.


  1. Why does Serbia want to put itself more under German dictates? The Germans bombed and helped destroy and burn hundreds of Serbian homes, buildings, churches and monasteries (German soldiers were responsible for what happened in their zone in Kosmet). Further the things Germans destroyed or looted in WWI and WWII were never replaced – and that includes what they stole from the Fruska Gora monasteries.
    That they’d go on about one embassy while at the same time they were supervising Albanians who were looting and burning Serbian religious sites and homes and were ethnically cleansing thousands, shows how they only want to annoy Serbs and show how German things deserve protection while Serbian things are made to be destroyed or taken by them or others.
    Serbs ARE fools to keep wanting to get in the EU.

  2. @ jj

    These are NOT real Serbs which you speak of, just look at our Serbian History, Tragically and sadly very few of us are left in Blood and SOUL. Most of the Real Serbs were Killed Off Through the many WARS forced upon us, or Cross Bred and Deceived into accepting a New Nationality. (Manipulating Genetics is a Very Dangerous thing to play with)
    It is much easier to lie to one self, then to accept the hard Truth! part of a Human complex in facing reality.
    The old saying holds True ” if you don’t Know where you come from, then you don’t Know where you are going ”
    Where is Serbia going ???
    Please, take the time to understand for ones self the meaning of Living in awareness or just existing … two very different life experiences .
    All I really understand in my present, is that it is very hard to be Living as a SERB, then and Now !