BELGRADE – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro has sent a letter of protest to the Croatian Embassy in Podgorica over putting up a memorial to Miro Baresic in the town of Drage in the Municipality of Pakostane.

Miro Baresic had been sentenced for the murder of Vladimir Rolovic, a Yugoslav ambassador to Sweden in 1971. Rolovic was born in Crmnica (the Municipality of Bar, Montenegro) in 1916.

A memorial of Miro Baresic, the assassin of the Yugoslav ambassador to Sweden Vladimir Rolovic, has been put up in his home town of Drage near Pakostane (Croatia). The monument has been named “View of the homeland”.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration expects the Croatian government to distance itself from this uncivilised act, given the fact that Vladimir Rolovic was a prominent fighter against fascism and a prominent Yugoslav and Montenegrin diplomat”, the ministry pointed out.