BELGRADE – A statement by SDP of Croatia leader Zoran Milanovic that the Serbs are a “small nation” and a “handful of miserable people” is reminiscent of the opinion the leader of the Independent State of Croatia Ante Pavelic had of the Serbs and the way he treated them, but, in spite of this, Serbia is offering a hand of reconciliation, says Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic.

“I am afraid the passage of several decades has had no effect whatsoever on many people in Croatia. We will not close our border or break off relations with Croatia. We are still extending a hand of reconciliation and whether we will have good relations is up to Croatia,” he told Sputnik.

“The fact that Serbia has been silent is not a sign of its weakness, but of its willingness to live in peace with all, including Croatia,” he said, urging those in Croatia “who can stop this” to do so.