BELGRADE – The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) thinks Serbia is a banana state, Vjerica Radeta of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) said Thursday following the ICTY’s request that Serbia amend a law on cooperation with the tribunal to extradite her and fellow SRS officials Petar Jojic and Jovo Ostojic on contempt of court charges.

The ICTY has demonstrated once again that it is an anti-Serb creation, and that it thinks Serbia is a country without sovereignty and that anyone can request it to change its laws, she told a press conference.

After the High Court in Belgrade decided there are no legal grounds for an extradition, the ICTY insisted on it, which means it had a different opinion at the time, she said.

“When they insisted on our extradition irrespective of the decision, they did not have a problem with our law. Meanwhile, I guess, they realised there are no legal grounds for an extradition and they came up with the idea of insulting Serbia and us having to amend our law because of them,” Radeta said.

She said she expected no one in Serbia to even think about amending the law and “dancing to the tune” of the ICTY.

Even if someone was to amend the law to allow for extraditions on contempt of court charges, that would not apply to us because laws “cannot be enforced retroactively,” she said.