Selakovic: EU can put end to Croatia’s provocations


BELGRADE – Only Brussels can put an end to a series of provocative moves by Croatia, says Serbian Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic.

Selakovic said the European Commission’s reaction to Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s letter warning senior EU officials of an anti-Serb policy in Croatia was a formal one, having come from spokesperson Maja Kocijancic, rather than its recipients.

“I want to believe that there will be a different reaction, I want to believe the EU was built upon the anti-fascist tradition to prevent war conflicts from happening ever again,” Selakovic told the RTS.

Any rehabilitation of horrible anticivilisational ideologies – or even more perverse forms thereof, such as Croatian Ustashism – is definitely not something that is a result of the European Union or something it is advocating, he said.

“Serbia is turned to the future, Serbia has not caused these events in any way and, for our country, political stability is important because it means economic stability and more investments,” he said.

Serbia has not contributed to the diplomatic conflict or provoked the acquittals of Aloysius Stepinac and Branimir Glavas or the unveiling of a monument to Miro Barisic, he said.

The situation may have already got out of control and that is why Brussels must say: “Stop glorifying terrorists and Nazis, stop retailoring history,” Selakovic said.

Kocijancic’s reaction was a “reaction for the sake of it, there is not much substance to it. The EC is urging good-neighbourly relations in the Western Balkans, but it must be known that this implies two sides,” he said.


  1. Yes, I believe Yugo-Communist and Greater Serbia Chetnik version of history. They would never lie, distort or deceive to achieve the ultimate dream of Serbia to Karlovac. Afterall, the Serb government wants to be friends with Croatia, but only if Croatia properly admists its errors, submits to Serb superiority and accepts Serbian version of history…Serbs are never aggressors, only victims; the people who Serbs have killed and the territory they’ve taken is all in the name of protecting Serbs; purely defensive; to hell with others. How dare Operation Storm reverse years of carefully planned ethnic cleansing, terrorizing, killing and expulsion of non-Serbs on Croatian territory that should have been an integral part of Greater Serbia. What brazen behaviour of these lowly Croats.