Serbia: About two million square meters mined

Image: Blic

BELGRADE – It is suspected that mines are located in the area of about two million square meters, cluster munition on the territory of about three million square meters, while air bombs – rockets are located in more than 150 locations, it was announced by the Mine Action Center.

Image: Blic
Image: Blic

“According to data from August 2016 so far space of about 20 million square meters has been cleared of mines and unexploded ordnance,” said the center in its statement.

On the occasion of the fact that few days ago, during the works on the project of humanitarian demining and clearing of land surfaces, a member of the center was badly injured during the destruction of bombs from NATO bombing in 1999 on Kopaonik, Mine Action Center said that works on the project have been terminated and that a Commission was formed to determine how accident occurred.