Serbian troops joins US-organised multinational exercises this month – an indication that although the country’s military collaborations with Russia grab headlines, it works more closely with the US, BIRN reports.

Serbian troops participate in a multinational tactical exercise called ‘Combined Resolve VII’ organised by the US Army’s European Command at the Hohenfels military base in Germany from August 27 until September 15, the Serbian defence ministry told BIRN.

“The aim of the exercise is the improvement of the interoperability and mutual understanding of the members of the land forces of our partners in operations at the tactical level in a multinational environment,” the defence ministry said, adding that this kind of exercise is held by the US Army twice a year in Europe.

The Serbian Army will send no more than 100 troops, as it has done to several previous exercises in Hohenfels.

“The United States armed forces will bear the costs of travel, accommodation, meals, the use of training grounds and the other costs of our forces’ engagement during the planned conferences and exercises,” the defence ministry said.

Taking part in the exercises will be more than 3,100 participants from 20 countries – Italy, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Polish, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Norway, France, Spain, the US and Serbia.

In September and October, Serbia will also host Russian Army troops in two separate exercises, Slavic Brotherhood 2016 and BARS 2016.