BELGRADE – The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent two diplomatic notes to the Croatian embassy on Monday to protest the acquittal of Branimir Glavas and the unveiling of a monument to Miro Barisic, but Charge d’ Affaires Stjepan Glas declined to accept them.

The protest notes were delivered in the regular manner, whereby the formal procedure was completed, the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry lodged a strong protest over a decision by the Supreme Court of Croatia to overturn a first-instance conviction of Glavas and other individuals for war crimes committed against Serb civilians in Osijek, Croatia, in 1991 and order a retrial.

The decision is legally and morally inexplicable and directly aimed against Serbs, the statement said, adding that the consequences of the decision further aggravated and complicated the situation of ethnic Serbs in Croatia.

The decision to overturn the conviction of Glavas represents Croatia’s clear policy of rehabilitating not only the WWII-era fascist Independent State of Croatia, but also criminals from the last war, the statement said.

The ministry also protested the unveiling of the monument to Barisic in Drage, Croatia, noting that unveiling a monument to a terrorist convicted for the heinous 1971 murder of Vladimir Rolovic, then Yugoslav ambassador to Sweden, was an inappropriate, non-civilisational act unprecedented in modern-day Europe.