BELGRADE – Today’s family in Serbia is made of three members. In fact, less than that. According to the official statistics, Serbian family has a total of 2.8 members. They live in their own apartment, they are in debt, for Serbian standards “up to their throat”, and have no money for cultural events… This is how, in fact, looks an average Serbian family when one analyzes a series of surveys and data by the Republic Institute for Statistics, writes Serbian daily “Blic”.

Spouses are, in average, about 42 years old and have been married for ten years. They have only one child. They live in an urban area, in their own apartment. They both graduated from high school and together monthly earn about 92,000 Serbian dinars (app. 745 eur).

Considering the consumer basket which in May amounted to about 67,000 dinars (app. 540 eur), the average Serbian family can barely make ends meet. While all the bills are paid, food and drinks bought, where the most money is spent, according to statistics – little remains.

And therefore they owe the bank together 1,300 eur (allowed overdraft and installments for credit cards that are commonly used in supermarkets – an average Serbian citizen owes the bank 650 euros for these two things). They drive an eight-year-old car.

They spend vacation in Greece, and the vacation is of course paid in installments. Cultural events are not on their list of priorities, becouse with the monthly income they cannot afford going to the theater, the movies or Sunday lunch in a restaurant and pay the loan at the same time.

And that is why Mom and Dad are stressed, because to have any decent living, they have to give up everything. They spend their free time usually watching TV.