BELGRADE – The Russian Airborne Forces will send its intelligence units to the Slavic Brotherhood-2016 international drills in Serbia, the forces’ deputy commander for peacekeeping operations said Tuesday.

The Airborne Forces Chief of Staff said earlier this month that its units would depart for Serbia in September to take part in joint drills, before heading to Egypt in October.

“The joint exercises in Serbia will involve intelligence units and equipment drills. At the moment, the issue of the participation of a third party, the Republic of Belarus, is still being decided. They will be a continuation of the exercises, which were held last year near Novorossiysk, ‘The Slavic Brotherhood,’ with the only difference being that then combined arms units participated [in the drills], while in Serbia it will involve intelligence units,” Alexander Vyaznikov told RIA Novosti.

The Slavic Brotherhood – 2015 joint tactic exercise of Russian, Belarus and Serbian armed forces was held at the Rayevsky range in the Krasnodar Territory on September 2-5, 2015.
More than 700 service personnel, including the re-enforced battalion of the 7th Russian Airborne Guards assault division, a separate company of the Serbian Airborne troops, two Belarus special task companies, and more than 20 aircraft took part in the exercises.