UNSC to discuss situation in Kosovo on August 25


NEW YORK – The UN Security Council should meet in New York on August 25 to discuss the situation in Kosovo, the UN website has announced.

Earlier on, in his latest report on Kosovo, covering the period from April 16 to July 15, 2016, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged leaders in Belgrade and Pristina to continue the dialogue on normalisation of relations as well as demonstrate a readiness for compromise to ensure a quicker conclusion of the process to the benefit of all.

Commenting on the EU-facilitated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Ban said not much progress had been made in practical implementation of agreements but noted that both sides had expressed commitment to continue the dialogue.


  1. The reason there is so much problem in Kosovo, is simple, it has been torn away from Serbia where it belongs, and handed to Albania, with whom it most certainly does not belong. USA had no right or forethought to the irreparable damage it was doing.

    • The reason is foreign powers always using Albanians as proxies and supporting their terror on Serbs. Austria and Germany were already doing it long ago.
      Then you had the Yugoslav communists who forbid Serbs ethnically cleansed from Kosmet during WWII from going back to their homes while they allowed unchecked illegal immigration from Albania. These communists actually planned to give Kosovo to Albania. It is in the documents/discussions they had with Stalin. It seemed led by the Slovenes Kardelj and Dolanc.