BELGRADE – US debt increased in the second half of 2016 by $383 billion, said the Ministry of Finance of the country. In the period July – September, the financial department of the United States is expected to borrow in the market $201 billion. This assessment of the debt is $47 billion higher than the one announced in May 2016.

In addition, it was planned to release government bonds worth $181 billion in October – December.

The Ministry of Finance explains the increase of the US debt with the drop in foreign investment.

At the end of July the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the Ministry of Commerce announced that the real growth of the country’s GDP in the second quarter of 2016, according the first estimate, amount to 1.2 percent annually. Analysts also predicted the growth of 2.6 percent. After that, “Deutsche Bank” said that a slowdown of US economy is inevitable.

At the beginning of the year US national debt exceeded $19 billion.