US Vice President fails to show respect to the flag of Serbia

“A formal diplomatic visit begins when the visitor arrives in the diplomatic capital of the state and it is there that the official reception takes place. The visitor’s national anthem will be played, the guard of honour inspected, and compliments paid to the host’s flag.”

– Diplomatic Handbook: Eighth Edition, Page 33


  1. Biden, your time is just about up. So piss off back to the Terrorist capital of the world and crawl back in your former hole. Nobody will miss you and your black bum buddy!

  2. Mr. Vucic thinks and believes, that he is the next best thing for Serbia since sliced bread.
    Mr Vucic also thinks and believes ? that he is the best man for the job, and will continue to lead Serbia into the imaginary future, along with the all those Lost and the Blind, by improvising and executing some of Tito’s old KOSHER … Jewish style world Politics, like in reference to ruling the once former Yugoslavia, and in turn manipulating, thinking he could play Tito’s role by playing both sides of the coin (bedding the two super powers at the same time). Please, THINK again Mr Vucic… its what they allow you to think and what they want you to believe. Just remember you will NEVER be one of them ! for you can only raise three fingers …
    To pull this off on a grand scale takes a Mastermind and a Communist Party Team effort, at the time with the likes of General Secretary Moshe Pijade, and Edvard Kardelj Minister of Foreign Affairs, then we had Rankovic yes good old Rankau Minister for Internal Affairs, in addition to this list is Alexander Bebler a UNO Representative for Yugoslavia. And last but not least to compliment this Kosher Dream Team is Joza Vilfan economic adviser of Tito. Everything else is staged to Hollywood standards for our Entertainment.
    For the above main Principle leaders mentioned, in reality they Controlled the Yugoslav government and its People Completely and Absolutely !! in having the Slaves singing the praises – ( Druze Tito me ti se kunemo da sa tvoga K*rca ne skenemo )
    Which brings us to the very point in all of this …What does Mr. Vucic really control ?

    • And Tito was brought into power with very heavy British and U.S. material, communications, medical and weapons support. They did not want Serbia to be free and run by Serbs! They’d rather put Serbs on ice and make sure Croatia, Slovenia and the Muslims did not lose any territory they had gained by joining up with Serbs in the first place. Croatia was not in control of Dalmatia nor Slavonia at the end of the war and neither were officially part of Croatia before it joined with Serbs. Those areas, plus much of Istria would have been independent, controlled by Italians or Serbs, or divided up if Serbs never joined with the Cros and Slovenes.
      And recently revealed transcripts of Yugoslav communists with Stalin, a few years after WWII, talk about their desire to give Kosovo (Kosmet) to Albania! In particular the Slovenes like Kardelj. The Slovenes were always doing dirty work there. And that explains why Kosovo Serbs who had been ethnically cleansed by Albanians and Germans were not allowed to return to their homes and property, while ethnic Albanians were allowed to fairly freely immigrate into Kosovo and other parts of Yugoslavia.
      And wasn’t Rankovic sacked (1968?) after he started actually defending the Serbs a bit in Kosovo.

  3. The only one who made a mistake there was Vucic. He invited the enemy to disrespect us and our country once again.