BELGRADE – According to Belgrade media, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic criticized ministers Ivica Dacic and Alekandar Vulin during the government’s meeting on Monday, B92 reported.

The ministers were criticized for their recent statements about Slobodan Milosevic, several newspapers have reported.

A cabinet minister who has not been named has told the daily Blic that the prime minister was “angered by the glorifying of Milosevic’s policy and of what he did.” The source added that Vucic “thinks it is neither the right place nor the right time to speak like that.”

According to the paper, Vucic also said that “such statements can seriously endanger the image of Serbia that has been cultivated for a long time.”

“Besides, Vucic said the time was not right to speak about Milosevic two days ahead of the visit of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, and that it could be interpreted as a provocation,” said the same source.

The Vecernje Novosti newspaper is also reporting that Vucic criticized Dacic, as the main news on Tuesday, as is the Kurir tabloid.

Asked about the current debate in Serbia over Milosevic’s role, in the wake of the Hague Tribunal judgement in the Karadzic trial, Vucic late on Monday said he “had no time to deal with that” and that he “does not want to live in the 1990s.”

Previously, Foreign Minister Dacic issued a written statement saying that the Hague ruling meant there was no guilt of Milosevic, Yugoslavia, or Serbia for the crimes committed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with the lies about genocide and war crimes used as a pretext for punishing Serbia and Serbians were now debunked.