BELGRADE – The only instant solution for Kosovo-Metohija that would cut the Gordian Knot would be a recognition of Kosovo’s independence by the Serbian government, but the government cannot and will not do that, Prime Minister designate Aleksandar Vucic said Wednesday.

We in Serbia often lie to each other that Kosovo is the most precious word to us, while some people know very little about Kosovo-Metohija, Vucic said in response to Liberal Democratic Party leader Cedomir Jovanovic during a parliamentary debate on the new government.

“It is true that, to a great extent, ignorance leads us to extremism, which we admire, but this does not mean we have the right to give up on our territory, as borders in many countries would be changed according to that principle,” Vucic said.

The government has done a difficult and significant job with the Brussels Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, Vucic said, comparing the deal to the Dayton Agreement, which he said protected the rights of Serbs and Republika Srpska.

“Professionally, the hardest job for me was when, after the Brussels Agreement, I had to explain to the Serbs what that agreement was, and then I told them that we used to attack the Dayton Agreement in the past but that now it was protecting the rights of Serbs,” Vucic said.