Croatian spy arrested in Belgrade


BELGRADE – The spokeswoman of the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, Tatjana Sekulic, confirmed to Tanjug Friday one person had been arrested in a collaboration between the Prosecutor’s Office and Serbia’s Security Information Agency (BIA), but declined to elaborate on the case for the time being.

The arrestee has been placed in 48-hour custody, Sekulic added.

Belgrade media reported earlier in the day the person arrested was a Croatian intelligence agent.

According to the reports, the agent, who holds Serbian and Croatian citizenship, was working for a Croatian intelligence service.


  1. And how long do investigators claim he was working for the Croatian Intelligence Service? Another report says he took both Croatian and Serbian citizenship in 1990 (when Yugoslavia still existed) and I thought that seemed strange. It also mentions him coming to Serbia in 1995, around the time of Operation Storm. But he could have been under deep cover then. And agent coming in, along with the Serbian refugees (or at least claiming to come in with them), would seem less suspect.
    On the other hand, he could have been recruited after 1995, but that would beg the question of why they went to him (as it would seem like they would go to someone who already had ties with them and not just a random Croatian Serb refugee).