NEW YORK – Serbia does not want to put up walls, but it does not have the capacities to become a long-term shelter for migrants and refugees, and that is why it is advocating a comprehensive European and global solution to the migrant crisis, Serbian FM Ivica Dacic said in New York late Monday.

Over 700,000 refugees and migrants have passed through Serbia over the past year and a half, Dacic told a UNGA summit on refugees and migrants.

In case the migrants’ passage to northern Europe is blocked, Serbia could face the danger of becoming a “bottleneck”, with thousands of migrants stranded in the country, Dacic warned.

As a country faced with the problem of long-term displacement for over 20 years now, we do not have the capacities to be a long-term, mass shelter for migrants, Dacic noted.

The refugee and migrant crisis is growing in scope and intensity, he said.