Jasenovac – Cruelest Death Camp in WW2 (NOT CENSORED)

From August 1941 to April 1945, hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Romas, as well as anti-fascists of many nationalities, were murdered at the death camp known as Jasenovac.

Estimates of the total numbers of men, women and children killed there range from 300,000 to 700,000. And yet, despite the scale of the crimes committed there, most of the world has never heard of Jasenovac.


  1. Since it is a documentary from the post-Tito communists’ era, it is not surprising that it still suppresses the fact that it were the Serbs – and more women and children than men – who made most of the hundreds of thousands victims of Jasenovac. And that it ends with Tito’s fiery speech that we must not blame one whole nation – Croatian – for the crime committed by a relatively few sick minds. But not blaming one whole nation is one, and not having that nation face, condemn and express sorrow for what has been done in its name, quite another thing. Expectedly, as we can see nowadays, it doesn’t bring piece and harmony. To the contrary, the failure to do so brought the ugly head of Ustasha’s ideology – “purifying” “Croatian land” by making it “free of Serbs” – back at the first convenient occasion, which was the dismemberment of SFRJ. With having Ustasha tradition and (neo)fascism for many in the new Croatian state, including young, become romantic synonym for the national power and success.


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