BELGRADE – Serbian Interior Ministry has officially confirmed today that members of MIA arrested N.T. (1976) from Urosevac, on the basis of an arrest warrant by order of the High Court in Nis for the crime of terrorism.

As Serbian daily “Kurir” reported, he was arrested last night, at about 8pm, at the administrative crossing Konculj, when issuing the certificate for entry into the territory of central Serbia.

N.T. was taken to the detention unit on the basis of the decision of the High Court in Nis from 2010.

MIA earlier unofficially confirmed for Tanjug that Nehat Thachi, Kosovo police director for the region of Kosovska Mitrovica, was arrested.

Pristina media reported earlier that Thachi was arrested on his way to Nis, where he was supposed to attend a hearing.