McAllister urges policy of regional reconciliation

Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic meets European Parliament rapporteur on Serbia David McAllister. Photo Tanjug - Dragan Stankovic

STRASBOURG – EP rapporteur for Serbia David McAllister says he is optimistic Croatia’s next PM and Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic will follow a policy of good-neighbourly relations and reconciliation in the region.

Stability in the region is very significant for the EU, he said in an interview to Tanjug.

When asked to comment on the worsening relations in the region, particularly in the wake of harsh statements made in the election campaign in Croatia, McAllister said he had been sad to see “unnecessary nationalistic tones from different states in the W. Balkan region.”

“To have sustainable, long-lasting stability, we need a policy of good-neighbourly relations and reconciliation in all countries of the W. Balkans and I would always ask responsible politicians from whatever country, from whatever political party, to refrain from nationalistic attitudes,” he said.