Migrants tried to rape underage girl in Subotica

SUBOTICA – Two Pakistani nationals, settled in the Reception Centre in Subotica, attacked on Monday an underage girl and tried to rape her.

At that moment a man was passing by and prevented the rape.

The police found the suspects quickly and detained them. The migrants were charged with illicit sexual acts that remained in the attempt and they will be questioned in the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office.

This is not the first time that migrants in Subotica physically attack minors. A few months ago migrants attacked an underage boy with scalpel and injured his head.

There were three of them and the boy was with them because he was trying to help them to find shelter.


  1. Knowing how Serbian police deals with rapists and other criminals with the same crimes under their belt, I am sure that those 2 are beaten so hard that they are barely alive. Serbian police will first beat the shit out of you, then ask questions…if they have any. So, let this be a lesson for those muslim that is trying to invade Serbia.