BELGRADE – Two dozen masked men attacked on Thursday night in Zagreb six young Serbian water polo players who were in the capital city of Croatia at the cadet water polo tournament.
One water polo player got his finger broken, and several suffered blows to the head by metal bars and fists. Players have not sustained any internal injuries, Dragan Tomasevic, father of one of the players, told RTS.
Water Polo club Partizan young cadets were attacked yesterday afternoon in front of “McDonald’s” in Zagreb.
The attack was reported to the police which began an investigation. Tomasevic said everything happened suddenly.
“Our children were at ‘McDonald’s’, there was no provocation, and when leaving the restaurant they were attacked. Obviously, everything was organized, as they knew that water polo players were from Serbia,” said Tomasevic.
The coordinator of youth teams of the water polo club Partizan Zoran Bratusa said that all cadets who were attacked in Zagreb are well and will continue their participation at the water polo tournament.
Bratusa confirmed that an incident occurred on Thursday night, when a group of Dinamo Zagreb fans attacked Partizan cadets.
Young water polo players are preparing for the finals of the cadet Cup on Saturday night.