BELGRADE – An incident has occurred at a Prague Process ministerial conference, after which the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo’s interior minister walked out, B92 reports citing Vecernje Novosti.

Tuesday’s conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, is dedicated to the migrant crisis, with Serbia’s Deputy PM and Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic in attendance. According to the report, the host country has completely ignored the demands coming from the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo to be represented in line with the Brussels agreement.

“Bearing in mind that this is an international conference, not a regional initiative, Slovakia presented the so-called Kosovo in line with (UN Security Council) Resolution 1244, which angered the interior minister of the fake state. He has been lobbying since yesterday to have Kosovo presented in line with the Brussels agreement, however, that request has not been accepted, for which reason he walked out of the conference. The hosts assigned no importance to this; instead, the meeting immediately resumed as if nothing had happened,” the daily writes.

Speaking at the conference, Nebojsa Stefanovic said that the migrant crisis has neither been overcome, nor is it Europe’s past, and described it instead as “Europe’s future.” The Serbian official reiterated that “a comprehensive and long-term solution” needs to be found.