BRUSSELS – The process of forming the Community of Serb Municipalities has moved from a deadlock, Dejan Radojkovic said in Brussels on Thursday on behalf of the steering team for establishing the Community, unveiled earlier in the day.

“(Kosovo President) Mr (Hasim) Taci and Prime Minister (Isa) Mustafa decided that work on the Statute and the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities start urgently,” Radojkovic told reporters.

The collective rights of Kosovo Serbs will thus be established fully and finally after all that has happened in the territory since 1999, he said.

The decision “will create the necessary prerequisites for a return of thousands and thousands of Serbs to Serb-majority municipalities and other places in Kosovo, as well as in Metohija, which was targeted by the most brutal ethnic cleansing during the war conflicts,” he said.