BRUSSELS – No final agreement on vehicle registration plates has been reached in the technical dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, says European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic.

The EU confirmed that registration plates – which are a part of an agreement on free movement – had been discussed on September 8 in the current round of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, but that there was no deal as yet.

No final agreement has been reached, and it will take constructive efforts by both sides to reach one, Kocijancic said.

Contrary to claims by Edita Tahiri, the head of the Pristina delegation, the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija also confirmed late Thursday no deal had been reached on the issue.

The third day of discussions between the Belgrade and Pristina delegations began in the European External Action Service headquarters in Brussels Friday.

The Serbian Office for Kosovo-Metohija has reiterated in a statement to Tanjug there was still no agreement with Pristina on registration plates.

Kosovo Minister for Dialogue Edita Tahiri told Radio Free Europe Thursday an agreement had been reached in Brussels on implementing an agreement on freedom of movement and reciprocal recognition of registration plates for vehicles from Kosovo and Serbia, respectively.

Earlier in the day, Office head Marko Djuric told reporters in Brussels there was no agreement on registration plates.

Under a 2011 agreement made by the then Serbian government, Serbian registration plates should be non-existent in Kosovo-Metohija, he said.

We are now fighting to prevent the scrapping of our plates, as well as to enable citizens who are using KS plates to have this five-year period extended as it is now expiring, Djuric said.