Stoltenberg: Serbia good partner to NATO

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NEW YORK – Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic met in New York Thursday with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who said Serbia was a good partner and noted the significance of constructive relations for stability in the entire region.

Vucic and Stoltenberg discussed the situation in the region, the Serbia-NATO cooperation as part of the Partnership for Peace programme and Vucic’s upcoming visit to NATO’s Brussels headquarters, scheduled for November 23.

Vucic reiterated Serbia’s commitment to military neutrality, thanking Stoltenberg for his efforts towards a fair Serbia-NATO partnership, the government press office said in a statement.

He briefed Stoltenberg on the situation in the region, noting that Serbia was doing everything to ease the latest tensions.

Stoltenberg said NATO had no wish to influence Serbia’s decision on membership in the alliance.


  1. Stoltenberg: (NATO has) “no wish to influence Serbia’s decision on membership in the alliance.” Really — as if the Serbian people have yet to make a decision? The first decision they ought make is to rid themselves of the traitorous poodles that they have allowed to positions of power with the backing of foreign monies — who have, meanwhile, delivered their nation into such abject poverty that even the Middle Eastern migrants do not want to stay there.