Vuk Jeremic to be vetoed by US in UN

BELGRADE – Hacked emails, bogus Twitter accounts, smear allegations and backroom deals. Welcome to the race for the international community’s top diplomatic job – United Nations secretary general, writes The Guardian.

On Monday, the UN security council will hold the fifth of a series of straw polls aimed at picking a winner from the remaining nine contenders in the race, in which the 15 council members will cast secret ballots.

The clear leader to date has been António Guterres, the former Portuguese prime minister and UN high commissioner for refugees. He has been a clear front runner in the past three security council meetings and in the latest, on 9 September, he received 12 encourage votes and only two discouraging him (members’ ballots can encourage, discourage or express no opinion about a candidate). But his route to the secretary generalship could still be blocked by a veto from one of the five permanent council members, most plausibly Russia.

In second place is Slovakia’s foreign minister, Miroslav Lajčák, who enjoyed a surprise surge from second last after his country’s pro-Russia prime minister, Robert Fico, visited Moscow four days before the third poll and made a point of highlighting his criticisms of EU sanctions on Russia over Crimea. For that reason, Lajčák may face a veto from one or more of the western members of the permanent five.

Third-placed Vuk Jeremić, the former Serbian foreign minister, will almost certainly be vetoed by the US, diplomats say. Washington has not forgiven Jeremić for his opposition to Kosovan independence, amid its perception that he used his time as president of the general assembly as a platform for nationalist rhetoric.

The threat of vetoes, however, will only become decisive in the next round, when the permanent five will cast coloured ballots. Any candidate who receives a coloured ballot among their discourage votes will know they have hit a stone wall, The Guardian writes.


  1. Jeremic as proven nationalist is a very bad choice for the post of UN SG, in numerous occasions in capacity of the president of UN GA he stood against the idea of the Kosovo self determination, a stand not conform the UN Values more specifically The UN Preamble an the UN Declaration of Human Rights, specifically article 1 and 2, not excluding the remaining of the articles.

    Below is the most infamous statement of his:


    Is this the person who would stand for UN Principles, is this the person that will return the trust on UN,

    I very much doubt.

    • UN is an organization created to establish peace after WWII, but nowadays it has become USA’s extended arm in global politics. Vuk Jeremic would be best suitable for the position he is running for because he is the only one who can make balance between east and west, and ultimately fulfill the role of UN as peace organization. As for Kosovo, well that is a though question, there are pros and cons regarding Kosovo’s independence. As far as I am informed it should not be allowed anything ever on the count of it being built on drugs, human traficking, genocide (against Serbs)… It would be like giving independence to Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia. But on the other hand Kosovo is strong ally to the NATO and the one NATO needs in it’s attempt to control Balkans and also if it can prove that it’s people mainly muslim Albanians, can withstand from breaking numerous laws of UN and international law (destruction of christian churches that are more than 500 years old, or demonizing, and denominazing serbian people that are left there) then and only then can it be allowed to have it’s own independent state. Only when they agree, and not just agree but conduct all the laws of UN and international law, only then should it be allowed to have it’s own independence.