Albanian PM: The sooner Serbia recognizes Kosovo the better it will be for everyone

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama speaks at the news conference with visiting Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, the first Serbian leader to visit the nation after a troubled past, at the Palace of Brigades in the Albanian capital, Tirana, Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Both countries are trying to overcome their troubled past while working toward EU membership. Relations between the two Balkan states remain strained, mainly over the former Serbian province of Kosovo where majority ethnic Albanians declared independence in 2008 which Serbia refused to recognize. (AP Photo/Hektor Pustina)

BELGRADE – Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic spoke at a debate in Belgrade with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, who urged Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo, saying it would benefit regional stability.

“The sooner Serbia recognizes Kosovo the better it will be for everyone,” Rama said. “It is over, Kosovo is a state, it is a state recognized by major world powers…. People made their choice,” RFE/RL reports.

Rama conceded, however, that for Vucic and Serbia, “this remains taboo.”

Rama’s statement on Kosovo provoked complaints from Vucic that the EU had put more pressure on Serbia to make concessions than the Kosovo government, provoking resentment in Serbia.

“That is what people see and that is what people feel,” Vucic said.

Serbia has agreed in negotiations with the EU to normalize ties with Pristina to advance in its membership bid, though it has repeatedly said it will never recognize the ex-province’s statehood.


  1. Mr Rama seems to be rushing it. There are also major world powers not recognizing Kosovo (Russia, China), and the only relevant document with respect to the subject, SC OUN Resolution 1244 states it belongs to Serbia. Anyone recognizing Kosovo as independent state is in a direct violation of UN resolution, i.e. international law (those from SC OUN that put their signature on the Resolution, like US, GB and France, are also violating some elementary moral laws – which, sure, they couldn’t care less about). Mr. Rama, of course, speaks as instructed by the US, in a hurry to wrap up Kosovo “independence” (soo highlighted with the presence of the biggest US military base in Europe on its soil), while the marionettes it installed are still in power in Serbia. ‘Cause – time is not on its side.