BELGRADE – InSerbia News portal received on Friday, October 7, threats from a person using “Peter the Rocky” nickname (and sometimes just “Rocky” – both nicknames are using the same e-mail address) for “refusal of portal to publish all comments”.


Comments sent by “Peter the Rocky” are either racist or hate speech, or simply insulting, and sometimes just trolling.

“Peter the Rocky” aka “Rocky” is otherwise a constant visitor, and almost every day sends at least one comment. According to the comments content, one can, with 99.9 percent of certainty, assume that they were written by a person (or persons) of Albanian origin, probably from Kosovo.

The IT analysis of all the comments sent by “Peter the Rocky” and “Rocky”, as well as the manner of writing (grammar, writing style) indicates that there are more persons behind the pseudonyms, but they are using the same e-mail address.


We take all threats seriously and we will report them to the relevant institutions of the Republic of Serbia.