BELGRADE – A group of migrants protested this morning in the center of Belgrade, in a part near the main bus station. Migrants went to the streets and stopped all traffic after which they started walking towards New Belgrade and Zemun accompanied by the police, writes Serbian daily “Kurir”.

“Serbia good! Open the border! Open the border!” shouted migrants today while moving down the Batajnicki put street.

In their statemets for “Kurir” migrants said that they do not need anything from Hungarians, only to open the border and let them pass.

“Hungarians, we want nothing from you. We do not need water, nor food. Just open the border,” said migrants after a short prayer near Galenika, and then moved on in the direction of Batajnica. Most of those who spoke with reporters claimed to be from Afghanistan and that they went towards the West, primarily France and that they have been traveling for six months.

It is the hardest to reach the destination, they said, adding that they are slowly running out of money.