BELGRADE – Statement by Serbian Ambassador in the United States Djerdj Matkovic that “Putin has a great ego, wants to be the ruler of the world and to make Russia a major superpower again” does not reflect the official views of Serbia, said Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic for Serbian daily “Novosti”, reacting to the personal act of Serbia’s ambassador in the US a few days ago at the Chicago Institute of Politics.

Matkovic, according to “Chicago Maroon”, while answering questions during the debate “Relations of the US and Serbia and Serbia’s EU integration”, among other things, said that the US, instead of going against Putin and causing negative reactions of the Russian side, should engage more in the dialogue and seeking solution.

Markovic’s comment regarding the leader of Russia many diplomats characterized as breaking the diplomatic codex, but also violation of the authority of empowered representative of Serbia in one of the most influential countries in the world.