BELGRADE – President of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun said today, based on the information that no new chapters will be opened in October in negotiations between Serbia and EU, that Brussels should define what exactly it wants from Serbia.

“We need to see what Brussels wants, if somebody defines something for us and knows that we cannot accept it, the question is whether they really want us in the European Union (EU),” said Drecun for RTS.

Speaking about the new conditions for the continuation of the dialogue with Belgrade which were submitted by the representatives of Pristina delegation to European officials, Drecun said that Pristina, obviously under the patronage of some structures in Brussels, seeks to prevent what was agreed in Brussels, especially the formation of the community of Serbian municipalities.

“We have no doubt that this is a synchronized response that aims to force Belgrade to, through chapter 35, recognize Kosovo as some kind of state, and the road to that is a threat to interrupt the dialogue,” said Drecun.

He said that Pristina, in the last few months, acts “politically extreme” and that Brussels with mild reactions to such behavior of Pristina motivates the Albanians to behave politically extreme.

Drecun added that, when it comes to opening of new chapters with the EU there will be room to maneuver if Brussels and Washington want to.

“Serbia strongly told that the border has been crossed,” concluded Drecun.