EU condemns Russia’s air campaign in Syria, to impose more sanctions

BELGRADE – EU foreign affairs ministers on Monday condemned Russia’s air campaign in Syria, saying it may be guilty of war crimes, and it vowed to impose more sanctions on President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Calling for an immediate ceasefire in rebel-held east Aleppo, the European Union’s 28 foreign ministers sought to show their anger at the Russian-backed campaign, reports.

“Since the beginning of the offensive by the regime and its allies, notably Russia, the intensity and scale of the aerial bombardment of eastern Aleppo is clearly disproportionate,” the EU said in a statement. Some 275,000 people are believed to be trapped in the area.

The bloc berated Moscow for “the deliberate targeting of hospitals, medical personnel, schools and essential infrastructure,” saying that targeting civilians with barrel bombs and chemical weapons “may amount to war crimes”.

The EU said the atrocities in Syria should be referred to the International Criminal Court, although it was unclear how or when.

It called for an immediate end to conflict, so a peace process could start after almost six years of war, seeking a wider role for EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini to talk to regional powers including Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

While the European Union has no military role in the conflict, the statement marked its harshest criticism of Russia’s role in Syria and came after days of negotiations and resistance from Russia’s allies in Europe.

It was Europe’s second attempt to isolate Russia diplomatically this month, after France and Spain led a push for a UN-backed ceasefire in New York, which Russia vetoed.


  1. Empty rhetoric and worst demagoguery!hipocrisy at the highest level!This is one of the reasons why nationalistic groups and anti EU movements are getting stronger in Europe!

  2. Where were all those all-knowing critics when NATO mercilessly destroyed sovereign states Like Yugoslavia,Lybia,Iraq,Afghanistan…They committed numerous war crimes and using forbidden ammunition in the heart of Europe(Yugoslavia)!!!

  3. EU acting as US’ scarecraw, all based on anonymous sources within Alepo, and so called Alepo Media Center, controlled by Al-Nusra, one of the terrorist paramilitary groups US uses in its attempt to remove Asad’s government. At the same time, West – particularly US and UK – is using their banksters-owned media to portray both Asad and Putin as Hitlers of our time. Another such “Hitler” they’d found not long ago in Serbia – Milosevic – whom they very likely killed in their kangaroo court in Hague, for not being able to document their false allegations. But the mighty NATO alliance wasn’t even able to defeat little Serbia. What can it do against Russia, even without China knowing it is the very next target if Russia ever falls to the US? The episode with USS “Donald Duck” – pardon me, “Donald Cook”, a 1.7 billion dollar wonder warship, which in 2014 entered Black Sea in a show of force, and was rendered entirely defenseless by a single Russian Su-24 “armed” only by an electronics disruptor, illustrates it very well. This time, their Goebbels-like propaganda is all they have left.