BELGRADE – Iraqi Minister of Transport’s popularity in world media rapidly increased after his statement that ancient Sumerians, thousands of years ago, traveled to Pluto with their spacecrafts. Minister Kazem Finjan said that in the south of Iraq, in Dhi Qar, 5,000 years ago the first airport was built, reported The Independent.

Many reporters attended the conference where the mentioned Minister stated this, but no one disagreed.

The Sumerians are one of the oldest civilizations and had lived in southern Mesopotamia (now southern Iraq). They developed agriculture, and dealt with trade, pottery and similar crafts. Many ancient buildings from that era were excavated, including Ziggurat Ur temple.

Minister Finjan wanted to look back on the work of Samuel Kramer, an expert on Sumerian civilization, who wrote about the myths related to this civilization as well as their understanding of the solar system. According to the media, Finjan said in the same statement that all angels are Sumerians.