As India is facing difficulties in tackling cross-border terrorism, Israel has offered experience and expertise to secure the South Asian country’s western borders.

Speaking at an event in the Indian capital, Israeli Ambassador to the country David Carmon recently said that Jerusalem was ready to protect the Indians as it considers New Delhi as a friend. “Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh visited Israel and he was shown different kinds of borders in Israel with their own uniqueness,” he stressed while confirming the participation of Indian officials in Israel Homeland Security (HLS) and Cyber 2016 International Conference in Tel Aviv in November.

Carmon said: “India has 14 different kinds of borders which are managed by different units and forces. When the minister came back and assessed the situation, I am sure he took some of the ideas he saw (into consideration).” The envoy believes that India will accept the Israeli offer because the two countries “share similar challenges in border management” and Jerusalem “has the solutions for these”. He informed the Indian media that the Israeli companies could easily meet the Indian needs.

Ram Dor, the former Chief Information Security Officer of Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), has explained that the Israeli companies have an expertise in securing borders through cyber technology that can help India trace the unauthorised movement of people across borders. “We started in the north with Lebanon with a simple fence with very minor sensors. Then we developed the second stage when we developed our border between Israel and Jordan-Sumeria and on the Gaza Strip,” he added. Dor insisted that Israel also developed the third layer (the most advanced one) in its border with Syria. “We have three layers starting with intelligence trying to bring in an alert whenever there is an attack coming in, going into the level that we can cover as much area as we can with all types of sensors,” he further said.

Dor suggests that India should collect information via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by installing electro-optical sensors in border fences. Claiming that the West Asian nation is a world leader in designing and manufacturing UAVs, the senior Israeli official said sensors could be used to collect data and information from towers along borders. In Israeli borders, all the sensors are integrated with a field command and control room operated by “a very intelligent soldier woman who directs the special forces to mitigate incoming threats”.

Meanwhile, India has welcomed the Israeli gesture, with a senior government official saying that around 30-40 Indians, who will attend the HLS and Cyber 2016 International Conference in Tel Aviv from November 14-17, will discuss the offer with the concerned Israeli authorities. The Modi government will make a final decision on the offer after receiving feedback from them.

Koushik Das, based in the Indian capital of New Delhi, is a senior news editor with more than 15 years of experience. He also runs a blog - Boundless Ocean of Politics. E-Mail: [email protected]