Kosovo: Three Albanians beat a Serb in Osojane


BELGRADE – 67 year-old Serb returnee Zelimir Vukovic was beaten today near his home in the village of Osojane, near Tucep.

Vukovic was beaten near his home when he went to the forest to see who was cutting his trees, reported Mitrovica radio Kontakt Plus.

After he heard the sound of chainsaws, Vukovic went to the forest where he found the Albanians in cutting trees. On the way back Vukovic was attacked and beaten.

Doctor at the clinic in Osojane dr. Sasa Piskulic said that Vukovic suffered injuries to the head, right shoulder and right leg. Vukovic, who was previously in poor health, was transported to the hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica.


  1. He better stay in the hospital, for he could be punished by a court for “disturbing piece and order”, like the elderly Serbian women who chased an Albanian man’s goats out of her garden, and then was hit with a stick and chased with a knife by him. Justice for all, the American way…