PRISTINA – Setting border between Serbia and Kosovo is one of many conditions set by Pristina for the continuation of the dialogue with Belgrade, writes today portal.

The head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Marko Djuric said Wednesday he had briefed PM Aleksandar Vucic on Pristina’s new conditions for a resumption of the dialogue, announcing that the Serbian government would hold a session Thursday to take a position on the crucial issue.

“If Pristina thinks discussions are to be held by setting conditions and ultimatums and is really not prepared to talk in any other way, and if what has been stated is its condition for a resumption of the dialogue, it means they are giving up on the dialogue and that there will be no dialogue,” Djuric told Tanjug.

In any case, the situation is very serious and the public will be informed of further steps, Djuric said in a phone statement from London, where he held a series of meetings at the UK Foreign Office and lectured at the London School of Economics.

The Slovak EU Presidency said on Tuesday that there is no consensus in the EU required for Serbia to open a new chapter in its accession talks by the end of this month. Chapter 5 (on public procurement) in Serbia’s EU accession talks will be opened once all 28 member states have reached a consensus, the Slovak Presidency said.

The required consensus is not in place at this time and we are not in a position to announce a potential date for the opening of the chapter, read a written statement submitted to Tanjug.

Initially, Slovakia had planned to organise the opening of three new chapters in the accession talks with Serbia by the end of 2016, with Chapter 5 unofficially slated for opening on October 26.