McAllister: Belgrade must know the EU is united over anti-Russian sanctions

Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic meets European Parliament rapporteur on Serbia David McAllister. Photo Tanjug - Dragan Stankovic

BELGRADE – European Parliament rapporteur for Serbia David McAllister has said he understood Serbia’s close ties with Russia and respected its decision not to join the anti-Russian sanctions, but added that Belgrade must know the EU was united on the issue.

Serbia is very close to the EU on many issues, but there are differences over Russia, McAllister told Tanjug.

Under Chapter 31 in the EU accession talks, all countries wishing to become EU members must align their foreign and security policies with the EU step by step, McAllister said.

Serbia has had a high degree of alignment with the EU policy to date, McAllister said, particularly commending Serbia’s contribution to EU military missions.


  1. Considering EU’s role in the war-crime bombing and sanctioning Serbia, occupying part of its territory followed with the consistent push, to this day, to take it permanently from Serbia, and in installing Western puppets in power in order to control the country to the West’s advantage, and to great disadvantage of the Serbian people, Serbia should mourn every every time EU approves, and celebrate whenever EU disapproves of it.